Mindful Mums Project

You've probably arrived here because you've found yourself clock-watching, longing for the next nap time, bed time or time out for yourself.

When your break finally arrives, you start scrolling through Mummy groups on Facebook, offering your advice to strangers. Suddenly you realise this is becoming a pattern. What am I actually doing  with my life?


You are not alone in feeling like this, and there is absolutely no need  to feel guilty.

If you truly feel you are destined for more, we would love to embrace you into our project!

The Mindful Mums Project is a four week ecourse that will help you find yourself again.

Not the old you, and not the version of yourself you think you need to be.

The real YOU, living your purpose!

As mums it is so easy to lose our sense of self, take this time now to rediscover the person you desire to be.

If you're reading along and thinking. . . "Yeah, maybe one day."


Now is your time!

We want to connect, form new friendships and support each other on a journey of personal growth!

You need this, your kids need it, and your partner needs it!