Essential Oil Workshops

Are you someone who...

Wants to connect with their creative, inspired and empowered self?

Is ready to make a change  in your life through the power of essential oils?

Is longing for more “juice” or “substance” out of life? More joy?  More love and connection?

Is sick of drifting through motherhood and wants to join a circle of like-minded mummas? 

If this sounds like you, then we invite you to one of our Essential Oil workshops or “circles”. Hey, you could even host your own! 

Let me paint you a picture…

You find yourself surrounded  by women who, like you, are ready to make a change. You are all seeking empowerment and are excited by new learning.

You can instantly smell the beautiful aroma of essential oils filling the space with all the vibes. The apprehension eases as you are embraced  by the spirit of the group. The room fills with chatter and you start to connect with the new and familiar faces and you all start to relax a little more and settle into the space.

We welcome each other and set the tone with a quick meditation written by our gorgeous friend Kim Newing from Mama Goddess. This helps to quiet and open your mind so that your are more receptive for the information to follow.

Now it is your chance to share what is happening for you. It is your safe space  to open up and feel supported.

We discuss the magic and benefits  of the essential oils while experiencing and testing them at the same time. This is an open discussion and sharing and conversation is encouraged. You feel embraced by the power of the oils and the women in the circle.

Before you leave you find out how you can get your very own favourite oils, the ones that you have decided will make the most impact in your life. You are fully supported in your journey as Embraced Mummas is a community  and much more than “just the oils”.