About Us

Hi, We are Embraced Mummas.

As a new mother, everything feels uncertain. And you feel alone.

You miss the reassurance and peace of feeling your baby squirm in your belly.

Breastfeeding is a challenge. And you worry if the bond between you and this precious new soul will deepen.

‘Am I ok to feel this way?’

Your baby cries for you, and you cry for help.

Embraced Mummas empowers mums and mums-to-be to feel confident in their parenting choices by sharing honest, real, lived experiences and trusted resources created by other mums.

This is your space to breathe easy, as you’re joining a collective of women ready to support you through every decision, every moment and every milestone.

From our hearts to yours, we want to help you find comfort, joy and harmony within yourself, so that you can follow the path through motherhood that feels right to you.



As the mum of red-headed fivenager (it’s a thing, trust me) Liliana, quirky, loving one-year-old Hazel, my house is a constant parade of crazy dress ups, sneaky cuddles and curious minds.

We live on the Central Coast, NSW with Micka (aka Mickdaddy), my sports-crazed electrician husband (and amazing daddy). We love spending time together - when I’m not sitting here, tapping away on the keyboard, you will usually find me either attending a barbecue or hosting one. I’m the girl with a wine in hand, eating the veggie balls!

But things weren’t always so joyful in my home. My experience of being a mum didn’t start quite as I had imagined, and led to a long and painful journey over the following five years.

I was so overwhelmed by the whole motherhood thing – it left me feeling alone, unsure and angry.

Today, I am beyond grateful to have stepped from the fog and found true joy in myself, in my life and in my role as a mother.

And I’m actually thankful for my struggle, as it’s given me the tools to help other mums find their way - and to find a bit of themselves while they’re at it. 

If I could give one gift to you, it would be to know that
you don’t have to feel the way I did when I first became a mum.

You don’t have to struggle.
It’s ok to feel the way you feel.
But it doesn’t need to be hard.

If you’re on that path, I can’t wait to connect with you to share the journey I took and the tips I learnt that allowed me to finally truly enjoy the experience.

emma breastfeeding circle


Before becoming a mum, I cruised through life on autopilot. But that completely changed after falling pregnant with my son.

Suddenly, I was consumed by an intense passion and purpose. I researched, read and reflected, before welcoming my beautifully sensitive small human, Otto, into the world.

Our lives are blessed by my headstrong and determined partner (and Otto’s inspiring dad), Troy. Together, as a family, we spent time jumping back and forth over the ditch, before finally deciding to plant roots where I grew up, in Sydney.

It pains me to think that I wasted time tormenting myself with my own self-doubt. “He’s so little. OHMYGOD, he’s too little. Is he rolling enough? Too much? Is he developing well? Have I ruined his life by feeding him this?”

I want you to know that every pregnancy is different.
Every baby is different.
Everyone’s experience as a mother is different.
And that’s ok.

During my pregnancy I reconnected with Christie, an old school friend who already had one gorgeous daughter and another on the way – we were even due around the same time.

Since Christie had already given this motherhood thing a go, I drilled her with thousands of questions on pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding and mothering. Having someone to guide me by sharing advice without expectations allowed me to experience motherhood in my own way.

The most important thing is trusting your intuition, living intentionally and parenting mindfully – that’s how I became an Embraced Mumma.

Our parenting ideals were in alignment - something just clicked, and Embraced Mummas was born.

We’ve both fallen into our respective roles:  Christie is the brains behind the business, while Emma is the creative genius that brings ideas to life.

Today, we’re raising our beautiful families and sharing our honest experiences.  We’re connecting with other mums, and offering you their collective wisdom, support and resources..

We want to help you embrace the journey, to feel empowered in your choices and to enjoy the experience.

Birth is not only about making babies. Birth is about making mothers ~ strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength.
B. Katz Rotham
Being a Mother is learning about strengths you didn't know you had, and dealing with fears you never knew existed.
L. Weeten
Motherhood is the greatest thing, and the hardest thing.
R. Lake