The perfect hat for baby wearing!

Just after hazel was born I started on my search for the perfect hat. Seems like an easy enough task… however, my children take after their father and have abnormally small heads! With Hazel being born in spring it meant lots of walks and trips to the beach and of course baby wearing! The hard brimmed hats just weren’t going to work and the floppy ones I could get at the shops were cute but just irritated her as they were always in her face.

So where would I find the perfect hat for my newbie with a tiny head? I had remembered seeing someone recommend Bedhead hats in one of the baby wearing groups I was a part of so I quickly jumped onto their website, measured Hazels head and ordered the smallest size they had. Guess what? It fit! Yay! This was our go to hat while hazel was little because it was perfect for using in the carrier and even in the pram. It didn’t annoy her, it was lovely and soft, super cute and best of all had a UV50+ protection rating. Winning!


When I heard about Bedhead’s new “Protect the Potential” initiative I knew it was something I wanted to be a part of! At Embraced Mumma’s, Emma and I are very passionate about making conscious choices when it comes to our purchasing habits. We strive to buy from small and local businesses that not only provide an amazing product or service but are also doing great things for our world and the people in it.  We aim to give you regular reviews on the products we love and have the same values as we do from the toilet paper we use to the modern cloth nappies!

So what does this have to do with hats?

Did you know that Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world?

And perhaps more importantly did you know that sun exposure in the first ten years of life plays a huge part in determining your potential for skin cancer?

This is why it is so important we are using the very best sun protection products for our children and teaching them good habits from the start!

The head behind Bedheads is mum of three, Richelle Ellis, who like me had issues finding the perfect hat. So she decided to bridge the gap in 2011 and has created a thriving business!

Richelle is now combining her unwavering passion with a philanthropic purpose of donating $100,000 of hats to newborns in Australia, including those from diverse backgrounds. From the 15th September 2017, for each order placed online at, a newborn hat will be gifted or donated. Customers have the choice to gift the hat to someone they know in need or donate to charity aiding disadvantaged mothers and babies. So head on over and grab one for yourself and one for someone in need!

The beautiful people at Bedhead hats were generous enough to send us some more gorgeous hats for the girls (and baby squishy due any day now!) and we have been testing them out over the week and took them to the park for a picnic.


I can honestly say that these are the BEST hats we have ever tried. My girls, like a lot of kids don’t tend to want to keep hats on their heads but they actually love their Bedhead hats! I think the fact that they don’t hang in their eyes is a major winner! The chin strap is really soft and neither of them minded keeping it on, plus Miss Liliana, the fussiest 5yo ever, loves the floral to match all her pretty dresses!

To be a part of the ‘Protect the Potential’ community drive visit, purchase any product and select ‘GIFT’ or ‘DONATE’ at the cart screen to pass one on to a child in need.

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