An easy way you can give back to your community & help those less fortunate

When I first heard about Alex’s idea, I was a little surprised at my own naivety. It’s SO simple, and why weren’t we already doing this?

You see, there are women, men, and children in your city RIGHT NOW going without hot meals, hot drinks, and hygiene products.

When my best friend Alex told me about the work that The Movement do, I was totally on board – and – after reading this, I think you will be too. You see.. Alex is collecting toiletry packs to hand out to the homeless, alongside the service that The Movement provides in the Kings Cross area, and she needs your help!

Here’s her story:

On a Saturday night a few weeks ago, I decided to head into Woolloomooloo and help the generous people from The Movement .

I have never come across such selfless people, who lovingly give up their time to give back to those so desperately in need. I was deeply touched by the gratefulness of their patrons, and completely shocked to see just how many people were living below the poverty line, in my own home town!

I wanted to do more, so I came up with the idea of working together with my friends and family to collect toiletry & hygiene packs to distribute to the homeless community.

If you think about it, what feels more amazing and humanising that having a warm shower, with beautiful smelling soaps,  putting on a pair of clean, warm socks, and brushing your teeth? These are things we generally take for granted, and use every day!

I’m asking for your support. I am looking for toiletry packs, for both men and women, to include the essentials:

  • toothbrush
  • toothpaste
  • hand sanitiser
  • body wash
  • pads for the ladies
  • a hairbrush
  • warm wooly socks or a pair of gloves.

These are the essentials that we use everyday without even realising.

My goal is 50 packs, and with your help, maybe we can even smash that goal?

If you live in the Sydney area and would love to contribute a toiletry pack, please contact us here or via our Facebook page. We can arrange collection from you, or provide you with a delivery address.

If you live elsewhere in Australia or overseas, but have been deeply touched by this movement, take action and help out where you can in your local community.


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