Taking the perfect Epsom Salt bath

This is a guest blog post by Mari Greenwood from Nature & Science. Marianne is a qualified Naturopath and Cellular Microscopist with two decades of experience in the NHS prior to starting her alternative medicine private practice. Marianne is a certified Nutritional Microscopist able to provide advice on a wide range of health, nutrition and lifestyle subjects. After almost two decades of service with the NHS, Marianne now runs Nature & Science, where she gently inspires and guides her clients towards achieving optimal health and well-being. 

Why Epsom Salts?

Taking a bath in Epsom salts is a great way to relax and remove toxins from your body at the same time. Reverse-Osmosis is the technical term for how it works – salt and harmful toxins are pulled out, while the magnesium and sulphates from the Epsom Salt can enter in exchange.

Our body requires different minerals for creating the enzymes that make our body tick. Magnesium and sulphates are important in the formation of over 325 of these.

These salts are also great for helping fatigued muscles and reducing inflammation. Plus, Magnesium is an important component in serotonin meaning these baths can help to reduce stress.

It’s chill time!

Step one – set aside 40 minutes for some well-deserved you time!
Why 40 minutes? Well … the first 20 minutes are important for drawing out toxins while later on the body absorbs the important minerals. Now you know that get that tap running and start drawing a nice warm bath!

As parents, we know how hard it is to find time to look after number one – that’s why I love these Epsom baths! It has the dual benefits of doing good and feeling good. Bath time can always be shared with the little one too, as long as it’s not too hot and you’re careful on the quantities!

Quantities to add to a standard sized bath:

•    Little ones up to 30kg: Add 1/2 cup
•    Individuals of 30-50kg: Add 1 cup
•    Individuals of 50-75kg: Add 1 1/2 cup
•    Individuals of 75-100kg: Add 2 cups
•    Add an extra cup for every 25kg thereafter.

Extra goodness

You could think about adding ½ a cup of olive oil! Polyphenols soak into your skin and can be great for making it soft and smooth.

Sweating out toxins can be enhanced by adding some ginger or cayenne pepper – perhaps not advised if there are little ones present! Between 1tbsp and ½ a cup can be added, the antioxidants in these have added benefits.

Post bath

If your bath colour has slightly changed – don’t worry! It’s a good sign that lots of toxins have been drawn out.

You should soon be feeling refreshed and rejuvenated!

You can find our more about Mari and what she does at the Nature & Science website. 

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